Always seeming to be the new kid on the block

Quiet and shy

Blend in with your surroundings

Be a Chameleon or at the least try


Too much hair gel

A look Elvis would appreciate

The new kids just teased

A feeling known too well


A new color to match the day

Press on and take action

Move slow and quiet

Being dumb, stupid and mean

Somehow felt right


The outliers

The “uncool’

The new

They were my victims

I finally fit in, my new school


The color of cool

An artificial hue

The pain I caused

I wish I knew


One eye on the past

One eye in the present

That was idiotic

I was no better, not cooler


Who am I?

One step, two steps

An endless search, a constant battle

The straight line… don’t stray

Show a smile… always please

This typecast I must forgo

The Great Pretender


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