The Arc of a day

The day started like a typical coastal town, overcast, humid and breezy. It made me miss California.

I rose out of bed, downed a liter of water and then headed to the garage to gather my bike. Birds chirping and squirrels prancing around as I took my bike out of the trainer and changed wheels out. Wheels pumped up and water bottle loaded I headed out the door to head down to the chiro. My knee has been giving some problems over the past few weeks with not tracking correctly and with it not going away after a week off the bike it was time to set an appointment. As has been the case before when this occurred I’m out of balance in my quad and hamstrings. A little massaging and ART work and things are back on track.

Credit card swiped and I was out the door for the days training, the clouds still blanketing the sky. On the menu today were hill repeats in Palmer Park.

Half way there the clouds started breaking up and the sun illuminated the brilliant spring foliage. I was feeling good and had thought of putting my headphones in but decided against it. The day was too calm and alive to drown out with a playlist. Palmer Park is this amazing maze of hiking and mtn. bike trails located smack dab in the middle of the city surrounded with busy streets. When you get to the top you are greeted with a spectacular overlook of the city. Today was no different. The color volume of the sky, trees, grasses and flowers was turned to 11. The lack of traffic other bikers and hikers added to the calm atmosphere of the morning leaving me to focus entirely on the work at hand. This theme continued through out the rest of the day while at work as well.


To cap off the day was the drive home, windows down, warm breeze traversing across exposed skin and headphones in. I was going to listen to an audio book but opted for putting my music on shuffle. When you put all your songs on shuffle you never know what kind of listening experience you’re getting in to. Sometimes it doesn’t jive with your mood or the atmosphere of the moment. Tonight was an exceptional experience. It was one that allowed me to soak in the day’s events and fully appreciate them.


*here is the song that caped off the day*


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