Oh May

Oh May, how I don’t miss you.


It’s been a while since my last post and that’s mostly due to the month of May being down right lousy. The rainy weather really put me in a funk and left me blasé about life. This is proof that I probably wouldn’t do well living in Seattle so kudos to those who do.

The upside to the month was that I was able to get 3 more race days in. Thankfully those were the days the rain held off and the clouds parted. Results were average but I felt good mentally and physically. It can be frustrating because I feel like I have the ability to be and do better but for some reason I can’t put it together. It can also be frustrating to see other guys who you started out in the same category with move up quicker than you and with ease or so it seems. I do my best to let it roll off my shoulder and not get caught up in the ego about it but sometimes it’s hard. You consistently put in the time and hard work but nothing seems to come of it. There must be something I’m missing so I will keep on pedaling along until I figure it out.

I’m very happy to see May go away.


“Hey look, the sun is out. It’s out again…and again. Alright this is what I’m talking about.”

June is finally here and the sun is finally greeting us, consistently, with its warm self. There are more races on the calendar but I will be forgoing them. Instead I will be focusing on putting as much time in the saddle and climbing as I possibly can. There is a little bit of doubt in the back of my mind though. The two solid days that I have put in so far have been quite taxing. Mostly physically though and not in a good way that you want. I think, with all the adjustment my body has been going through over the past 5 months with this rehab program, it will be hard for me to be able to complete this Everlasting challenge. With that being said, I’ve already accepted the fact that if I can’t do it this summer I’m OK with that. Honestly it might be better for me. It will give my body time to settle in to the adjustments and allow me to acquire the time and fitness required.

I’ll keep pedaling on and see what’s around the next bend though.


more please



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